i-4258. New handle for sliding doors.

We present a new handle for sliding door. Unlike most models for sliding doors of the Didheya range, this handle is of landscape format, making it easier to use since the hand performs a more natural movement, less forced.
Mar, 2018
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i-4257. New handle for sliding doors.

We launch the new handle for sliding doors designed by Didheya.
Sep, 2017
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We will show our new products soon. Didheya.

We are finalizing all the details to show the new handles for sliding doors.
May, 2017
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New corporate image, Didheya

We renovate our corporate image with a restyling of the logo and switching to white and black colours.
Nov, 2016
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The catalogue for the new IN series is ready to launch.

Three new models for the IN series. With easy installation, an ergonomic design and the simple concept of 'less is more' from Mies Van der Roer, Didheya is offering 3 new models of stainless steel profile handles that can be installed in any tipe furniture as kitchen cabinets or closet doors.
Mar, 2016
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New IN collection

We start the new year with new products. We increase the IN collection with new designs, more ergonomic. The new IN collection will be available in February.
Jan, 2016
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Model i-3250 on Singulares Magazine

Sep, 2015
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Kitchen & Bath

Jul, 2015
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New catalogue For Doors with staintless steel handles and pulls for sliding and swing doors.

Mar, 2015
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BAU 2015

Feb, 2015
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