Isabel Ponce

 Product Designer

Isabel obtained her degree in Fine Arts and Furniture Design from the Vitoria School of Applied Arts.

In 2000, Isabel moved to Dublin for five years, where she completed her post-graduate training in art, design & 3-D studies. Her experience includes working as an interior and furniture designer, and managing various projects for Vodafone.

After Ireland, Isabel furthered her career as a product designer and as a marketing manager for international furniture trade shows in Germany, Italy and Spain.

Isabel has worked as an industrial designer for Didheya, designing and developing two new die cast collections, which were inspired by blending the elegance of simplicity with the distinctive look and feel of Didheya products.





 Dhemen is a design studio with extensive experience in working with clients in the industrial sector. Our multi-disciplinary team is creative and talented in designing and producing new objects. We bring all of the key collaborative, design and production elements to each client’s unique project with careful attention to detail.

Dhemen has worked around the world in introducing new products and what we deliver reflects our clients’ values, brand and image. We focus on every phase of design – from concept to production – to achieve excellent results in meeting our client’s objectives.

As designers, we push the limits with each new product. As entrepreneurs, we understand how brand drives business. As a team, we connect with our clients to build and design something with meaning and value. As consumers, we know that design must balance form and function, at the same time as it thrills the imagination.



 Jean Louis Iratzoki


 Product Designer.

Jean Louis obtained his diploma in interior design in 1988 from École Boulle Paris and studied industrial design at a well-known design school in Madrid. For several years, he gained experience in working for several agencies in Paris, focusing on his special interest in plastic.

In 1998, Jean Louis opened his own design studio in San Juan de Luz. Among his successful creative ventures are various objects including a toothbrush, a collection of children's chairs, a line of water bottles and perfume bottle.

Recently, Jean Louis has dedicated himself to the world of furniture. Working with companies like Didheya, Bioko, PISON and SOKOA, he has designed and developed inspiring collections of bathroom accessories, furniture and chairs.






  Nu Estudio

 NU collaborated with Didheya on the design of a new line of indoor directional signage and a new line of porcelain knobs. Our approach was to capture the superior quality of Didheya products and combine it with our innovative thinking.

















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